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Photo Credit: Nicol Marquis (Shooting My Journey), Dareographer


This is (Project Dare) such a special way to relate as a woman. I could reclaim my sexuality after years of oppression and experiences of abuse

Yes, (my feelings towards my body, have changed) I feel happier with my body and looks – more accepting of being my age and physique

I feel more relaxed and confident about my body

I need to nurture myself more. Not be so hard on myself. My looks don’t reflect my worth at all

I love to explore and express myself through dance and to try out different characters and roles. It helped me expand myself and feel more appreciative of / kinder to my body

(Highlights) for me include understanding emotions and what prevents me from liking my shape. Understanding how angry feelings prevent us from embracing how we feel and look

I have learnt my body is beautiful

I feel more playful (towards my body), more aware of what I can do with my body, less inhibited, more willing to try different playful things with my body, which is an absolute joy

(I have learnt that) there’s many many more qualities that makes up a person. Its media and companies that want to make money that pushes us to believe we’re not good enough if we don’t look a certain way – I’m going to be much more aware of my thoughts and advertisement and don’t get sucked in


I’ve learnt there’s no need to be nervous about trying new things

I have learnt to have confidence in myself

I can be fun, playful, sexy, friendly

I’m lovely! Still got it!!

On Social impact, building FRIENDSHIPS and bonding communities:

(At Project Dare) you meet and get close to great people in a way that wouldn’t normally ever be possible

I can be myself with others and be accepted

Another highlight of the course was being able to express myself open and honestly without fear of judgement

(Project Dare) got everyone involved immediately. No one felt self-conscious

Laughed a lot!

I participated in a brilliant workshop all about body image and how we perceive others and ourselves. It was fun, educational and has changed the way I think of myself and others forever and boy the team worked hard. The workshop showed guts, determination and imagination, I was taken aback by how much knowledge and awareness could be imparted in such a short space of time and so creatively, it was a brilliant, you are truly inspirational and I wish you every success in this venture because it is well deserved

I wish I could express exactly how much this workshop has given me. If I had known one existed before I definitely would come! I feel so much more positive and full of energy, passion and commitment

I enjoyed the dance orchestra sections, incorporating positive and negative, it flowed so well. I also enjoyed group discussions which were insightful and interesting. After taking (the Project Dare workshop) I feel I can express myself more and understand where issues emerge from

This needs to be wide-scale for all young people and older too, because it promotes positive attitudes and real life

The dancing brought out our inner confidence and the workshop was very energising and informative