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Photo Credit: Nicol Marquis (Shooting My Journey), Dareographer

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Ursula Joy, founder and lead Daredevil

Project Dare landed in the UK in 2013, envisioned by Ursula Joy. Ursula was responding to society’s obsession with the way we look and the terrifying facts brought to light regarding a range of both physical and mental health issues including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, obesity, anxieties and depression.

Ursula says “You only have to flit through a newspaper or turn on the TV to see an abundance of over sexualised men or women. Air-brushed images promote a lifestyle and a ‘beauty’ that is impossible to achieve (even if you do buy their product). Marketing companies specialise in homing in on our insecurities as emotional beings. Women and men are growing up in a confusing world of social media where little is left to the imagination. Men and women are similarly competitive. They pressurise each other to dress, behave or look a certain way. Consumerism corrupts our souls. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture and some truly ‘beautiful’ waves of understanding take place instead”.

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