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Photo Credit: Nicol Marquis (Shooting My Journey), Dareographer

It happens to a lot of us especially if you’re trying something new.

You are not alone.


Here’s a tool kit that you might find useful when everything feels awful and you are not OK.

Before your Project Dare workshop:

  • Stop, take a deep breath and as best as you can regulate your breathing, concentrating on breathing out slowly to the count of 3
  • Take your time. We do not mind if you are late, we promise. We are on your side. We know that on some days its an achievement to even make it to the room. You might just have to wait until the end of an exercise to join in, but a big smile and a cup of tea awaits you
  • Are you dehydrated? Have a glass of water. Are you hungry? Eat some protein. Have you showered? Jump in. Have you stretched? Have a stretch and take a walk. Have you moved your body to music? Stick on your favourite beats and DANCE. Do you feel ugly and unattractive? Come to Project Dare and help fight society's restrictions on what beauty looks like. That’s what we’re here for. Come and lose yourself in a dare and work at chipping away at those insecurities one step at a time to feel better in the short-term and make lasting change for the long-term. You are NOT alone
  • If arriving at your session at the beginning is proving difficult, drop us a line by text, e-mail or phone if you feel you can. We might be able to get a plan in place for the next session arranging for someone you know to accompany you to the class or possibly one of our volunteers

During your Project Dare workshop:

  • Our facilitators are exceptional, talk to them. They know how to support you and are expert listeners with your best interests at heart. During a busy class, you might find just having a few minutes to yourself or with a volunteer useful, while the facilitator sets the rest of the group a task. Your wellbeing will be our priority
  • Feeling overwhelmed on a particular task? Take time out of a session to get some fresh air, have a cuppa and join back in when you are ready. The workshops can be challenging, which is fantastic for our personal growth but if you’re having a tough day and it's all feeling a bit much - take time out. Just let the lead facilitator know so we don’t worry where you are
  • Have to hand a phone number of someone you can call in advance or let the facilitators know if you are expecting, for example, difficult news so we can check in on you throughout the session