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Photo Credit: Nicol Marquis (Shooting My Journey), Dareographer

Do one thing every day that scares you

How Dare came to be

After battling a period of mental ill health, Project Dare Founder, Ursula Joy, went on a path of self-discovery and through various techniques discovered three qualities about herself that she loved. These three traits are Passion. Energy. Creativity. It wasn’t long before Ursula realised that if she embraced these three qualities into her daily routine she would lead a more fulfilling life. Ursula envisioned Project Dare based on those words. By the end of the Project Dare sessions, each Darer (participant) will also come away with their own words of self love, exactly like she did.


 Three aims for Project Dare

  • To inspire men, women and young people to celebrate their bodies by increasing confidence in themselves as they learn how to be their own best friend
  • To encourage peer support and bonding through shared experience and a person-centred approach
  • To promote Dare as a lifestyle choice. Once you establish you can work outside your comfort zone, both mentally and physically – your confidence grows and grows, and now guess what – you are unstoppable!


Dare to dream BIG. Our vision for success...

“Every man, every woman and every young person who comes into contact with Project Dare feels at peace with their body. Each participant (Darer) should feel unique, treasured and clever. Every Darer will be encouraged to re-ignite themselves with their senses, explore their inner voice and encouraged to do one thing each day that scares them. It is through this action that the comfort zone will increase and consequently their belief in themselves. Project Dare will enchant participants in a world of Passion. Energy. Creativity where each Darer discovers their true self-worth. It smells of lavender, sometimes vanilla - it is a calm, focused and loving place where all are equal. It tastes of the future and it sounds like the welcomes and greetings you receive when you visit home. Each Darer is to be challenged and inspired, supported and loved. Each Darer will walk on the clouds, dance on the stage and hunger for more”.


How we evolve

We are supported by an Advisory Group that helps keep our Dare Sessions as current and innovative as possible. This is made up of up to 12 individuals, across different walks of life, united by their passion to help people love their bodies.