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Photo Credit: Nicol Marquis (Shooting My Journey), Dareographer

Unlock the most powerful version of you

Project Dare will take you on a structured journey from where you are now, perhaps at a point of low self esteem and feeling insecure and anxious about the way you see yourself. Together, we will arrive to the point of self acceptance where how you look every day will not be the primary focus in your life anymore and where you will see your body as the part of you that positively enhances how great and proud you feel.

We do this through our “Dare Sessions”, a series of workshops that are primarily theatre based. During each workshop, you will be challenged to take on a daring task that have been designed to boost self love, increase your self-esteem and teach you self-compassion whilst you celebrate your body, have fun and feel fabulous. A range of bespoke techniques are played out in each dare to get you - the darer to demonstrate your unique abilities. We will achieve many things - participate in discussions on root causes of low self-esteem, learn skills actors use for confidence on stage, we celebrate the genius of your body, get in touch with your senses, intuition and the inherent power each of you already possess and much more.

By the end of every workshop, you will come away knowing what makes you unique, love your body more than ever before and will have the skill and knowledge to recapture this incredible feeling whenever you need to. Project Dare empowers you to think about yourself in a different way. It is a course focused on body image, but also a catalyst for enriching your life. This will manifest itself through your growth in confidence, self-expression and outlook.

If you’re interested, we would love to meet you so please make a booking.