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Roxanna Mohtashemi, BA Hons, PGDip Psych wrote:

I think of self-esteem as a concept developed by the western world. Do people struggle with self-esteem as much in developing countries where the media has less of a voice? I think that there’s almost an expectation that we ‘should’ have self-esteem and if we don’t then there’s something wrong with us! Project Dare is getting at something really important – it is acknowledging the influence of powerful institutions such as the media and fashion industry on how we feel about ourselves individually and as a society. In my opinion, self-esteem is a concept constructed by our society – we need to have it to protect us because society does such a good job of ripping it to shreds! Not only does Project Dare acknowledge these societal influences, but also empowers individuals to challenge and adapt unhelpful ways of thinking about themselves, in a fun, creative and collective manner. What an original and fantastic idea. Where do I sign up?!

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