Full Course
12 DARE! Sessions



The ultimate self-development course in the field of confidence and body confidence.

What you will do:

Take part in 12 unique body confidence sessions which utilise different techniques that teach and hone tools that tap away at insecurities, bring out confidence and inspire love of the body in a celebratory, innovative and fun way.  We do this through group exercises, performance techniques and the use of DAREs!​ Your journey begins with:

  1. DARE! to metamorphosize
  2. DARE! to delve deeper
  3. DARE! to be inspired
  4. DARE! to let loose
  5. DARE! to love yourself
  6. DARE! to trust your body
  7. DARE! to be unconventional
  8. DARE! to express your individuality
  9. DARE! to challenge
  10. DARE! to transform
  11. DARE! to lead yourself
  12. DARE! to shoot for the sky​

Please note: DARE! sessions 1-9 can also be booked separately as part of our Pick ‘n’ Mix option. The Full Course will encompass DARE! sessions 1-12 (please see below for more details).

These sessions are inspired by:

A plethora of performance and arts skills including drama, dance, drawing, devising, improvisation, movement, forum theatre, incorporating inspiring texts into your work and more!​

What you will get:

  • 36 hours of workshops; 6 hours per week over 6 weeks ​
  • 1 to 1 feedback from lead Daredevil​
  • 12 DAREs! to challenge, inspire and teach
  • A minimum of 30 tools and techniques for building confidence and body confidence​

When & where:

  • Starts: Sat 4 Nov 2017; ends: Sat 9 Dec 2017​
  • Every Saturday 10am to 5pm (includes 1 hour for lunch – please bring your own)​
  • The LOST Theatre, SW8 2JU​
  • Costs £420 (payment by instalments possible)​



More information of each DARE! session:

DARE! sessions 1-9: please select each individual session to see details as these can be booked separately as part of our Pick ‘n’ Mix option.

DARE! sessions 10-12: please continue reading to see additional benefits derived from the Full Course.

10. DARE! to transform

You will work with images and forum theatre to break free from oppression.

  • Augusto Boal is a Brazilian theatre practitioner who famously created the “theatre of the oppressed”
  • We take inspiration from Boal to run games and activities that explore images, stories and how to fight oppression
  • Write personal letters to your body

11. DARE! to lead yourself

You will find out how to access the most powerful version of you​.

  • Use the idea of the superhero as a catalyst for identifying your own super powers​
  • Recognise that you will come up against resistance in the outside world and discover how you can respond to this
  • Devise your own body confidence story​

12. DARE! to shoot for the sky

Your Daring finale!

  • Perform a Daring group showcase​
  • Undertake a full group evaluation of what it really means to DARE! and be self compassionate