Our story began with this thought…

“Do one thing every day that scares you”


Ursula Joy, founder & lead Daredevil

Ursula at ProjectDare

Project DARE! landed in the UK in 2013, envisioned by Ursula Joy.  Ursula was responding to society’s obsession with the way we look and the terrifying facts brought to light regarding a range of both physical and mental health issues including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, obesity, anxieties and depression. Ursula says “You only have to flit through a newspaper or turn on the TV to see an abundance of over sexualised men or women. Air-brushed images promote a lifestyle and a ‘beauty’ that is impossible to achieve (even if you do buy their product). Marketing companies specialise in homing in on our insecurities as emotional beings. Women and men are growing up in a confusing world of social media where little is left to the imagination. Men and women are similarly competitive. They pressurise each other to dress, behave or look a certain way. Consumerism corrupts our souls. Take a step back & look at the bigger picture and some truly ‘beautiful’ waves of understanding take place instead”.

Check out our social impact report:   Project DARE Social Impact Report 10.12.15



How DARE! came to be

After battling a period of mental ill health, Ursula went on a path of self-discovery and through various techniques discovered three qualities about herself that she loved. These three traits are passion, energy, creativity. It wasn’t long before Ursula realised that if she embraced these three qualities into her daily routine she would lead a more fulfilling life. Ursula envisioned Project DARE! based on those words. By the end of the Project DARE! sessions, each Darer (or participant) will also come away with their own words of self love, exactly like she did.


Three aims for Project DARE!

  1. To inspire men, women and young people to celebrate their bodies by increasing confidence in themselves as they learn how to be their own best friend.
  2. To encourage peer support and bonding through shared experience and a person-centred approach to workshop leading.
  3. To promote the DARE! as a lifestyle choice. Once you establish you can work outside your comfort zone, both mentally and physically – your confidence grows and grows, and now guess what – you are unstoppable! 


DARE! to dream BIG. Our vision for success…

“Every man, every woman and every young person who comes into contact with Project DARE! feels at peace with their body. Each participant (Darer) should feel unique, treasured and clever.  Every Darer will be encouraged to re-ignite themselves with their senses, explore their inner voice and encouraged do one thing each day that scares them. It is through this action that the comfort zone will increase and consequently their belief in themselves. Project DARE! will enchant participants in a world of passion, energy, creativity where each Darer discovers their true self-worth. It smells of lavender; sometimes vanilla, it is a calm, focused and loving place where all are equal. It tastes of the future and it sounds like the welcomes and greetings you receive when you visit home. Each Darer is to be challenged and inspired, supported and loved. Each Darer will walk on the clouds, dance on the stage and hunger for more”.

Ursula Joy 2013

Passion. Energy. Creativity.


Get involved!

Project DARE! Body Adoration. Release your inner dazzle.

Get involved! Volunteer

Passion, Energy, Creativity… Do these three words describe you? Does your enthusiasm rub off on everyone you meet?
Project DARE! takes on part-time volunteers to assist with the running of the creative and drama based self-esteem and body confidence sessions. The volunteer posts are open to adults of all ages 16 years plus and are usually offered to those who have already completed the course. We particularly encourage service users or young people between 16 and 25 years who have a passion for the theatre and mental health.

  • Interest and knowledge in the subject matter – body image, self esteem and self-compassion
  • Genuine desire to inform and educate with the drive to personally research when required
  • Exceptional confidence and ability to communicate clearly and concisely with people from different back-grounds
  • Ability to ‘think on your feet’
  • Smiley, positive, motivating and calm
  • Super reliable and able to travel across London (the work place changes, volunteers and muskateers will have travel costs covered)
  • Minimum 2 years experience within a drama workshop related role. Basic facilitation skills are desirable but not essential. Coaching on the job with particular focus on training advanced group facilitation and drama teaching skills will be given every session with regular supervision.

If you think this is you, please get in touch with a CV and cover letter to Email Link

Daring KISS.

Get involved! Muskateer

  • Muskateers are volunteers that have done a great job. The volunteer post is turned into a paid post and there are more opportunities to get stuck into some of the behind the scenes stuff including digital media and helping us with promotion and our campaigns. All the skills detailed in the volunteer post above are required, plus you will have shown a commitment to Project DARE! and will already be feeling at home with the team, helping us every day put our vision into practice.

Get involved! Screamer

  • A ‘Screamer’ is a paid assistant, who’s primary role is to support the Dare Devil in the smooth running of the sessions, to keep the group focused, on task and having the best time possible! To find out more, drop us a line!
Bijal is Screamer for the Project Dare sessions

Bijal is Screamer for the Project Dare sessions

Get involved! Daredevil

  • The Daredevil is the leader of the sessions and the smooth running of the project and each participants experience is solely their responsibility. This person must be a natural leader, have an energy that is contagious and be an ambassador for the body image fight. Drop us a line to find out more!
Ursula Joy - Daredevil for the Project Dare Sessions

Ursula Joy – Dare Devil for the Project DARE! sessions