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“Wow, how excited am I to be here!? Urm, hello!! My name is Nicol Marquis and I’m new to the Project Dare team. I’m guest blogging with you today to really just let you know a bit about myself, what I’ll be doing with the team and why I think Project Dare is the way forward.

Nicol Dareographer

So, a little about me… Well, I’m a photographer and I run my own photography business called Shooting My Journey. I’ve been in the photography industry for a quite a few years now doing portraits, events, weddings etc. What I really specialise in though, is real natural photography. I don’t like to do air brushing, or retouching, that’s just not my thing. It can really take away the essence of a person and mask their true beauty. People in my photographs actually look like the people who had their photo taken, and that’s what I pride myself on.

I met Ursula at a drama group and we really hit it off. I told her about my photography, obviously, and she told me about Project Dare, obviously. I found it really quite interesting especially when I think about what I do with my photography. In this day and age, in fact for ages, we’ve been bombarded constantly with photographs, media and information about what constitutes as beautiful or handsome. With my work I try to show people that they are special the way they are and what do you know? That’s what Ursula does with Project Dare!! It’s like a match made in heaven!! And here I am!! Doing my first guest blog with you lovely people… I guess I should now tell you what part I’ll be playing in your amazing journey to feeling fabulous!! So, first of all I am your Dareographer (get it? Dare-photographer).


Project Dare wants you to remember how wonderful you are and how far you have come with a portrait of how just truly beautiful you are. That’s definitely where I come in!! I’ll be taking your official Project Dare portrait and I promise to help make you look and feel beautiful in your natural form. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s what I specialise in. I’ll also be helping out with social media and attending board meetings to ensure the Darers (that’s you) are getting everything we can offer you and more. You’ll also see me pottering around and helping out from time to time, so feel free to say hello and ask me any questions.

Again, I’m super excited to be part of this organisation and helping out with these amazing Dare Sessions. Project Dare is the sort of scheme that should be taught all over the world and I’m really happy to be part of the organisation that’s taking real body adoration out to the masses.

I hope to meet you all soon. Take care!! Nicol #DaringKiss x”

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