Taster Baby!

Come on board our taster session. First hand experience of what we're all about!

Come on board our taster session. First hand experience of what we’re all about!

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Welcome to Project Dare! Let’s kick start with our vision & a competition!

Our Vision for the Project Dare Sessions..

That every woman who comes into contact with project dare feels at peace with her body. Each participant (darer) should feel unique, treasured and clever.  Every darer will be encouraged to re-ignite themselves with their senses, explore their inner voice and be supported to do one thing each day that scares them, it is through this action that belief in yourself will begin to blossom.  Project Dare will enchant you in a world of passion, energy and creativity where you will discover your true self-worth. It smells of lavender, sometimes vanilla, it is a calm, focussed, loving place where all are equal. It tastes of the future and sounds like the welcomes and greetings you receive when you visit home. Every darer is challenged, inspired, supported and loved. Every woman will walk on the clouds, dance on the stage and hunger for more.

So this is what we’re all about! Adoring your body, oozing confidence and feeling fabulous!


We are hard at work conjouring up a tagline that sums up our vision and would love some help! If anyone thinks up the perfect tagline for Project Dare, then a complimentary place on one of our courses would have YOUR name written all over it!

Our current tagline is ‘dare to shape your thoughts and you dare to shape your world’. We love this, however feel it does not give a clear enough impression of what we’re about.

Our next idea was simply ‘Project Dare. Body Adoration. Locate your inner dazzle’ Again, we love this but are unsure about the ‘dazzle’ and something feels like its not quite the right fit.

Other News!

Super excited about the new dare sessions kicking off from Friday 4th April. More information to come in next weeks blog… In the mean time we are working in collaboration with Loughborough Womens Group and Coldharbour to bring Project Dare to this incredible part of South London’s Community.

We are also collaborating with Lambeth Living Well, Collaborative who are kindly supporting us on our ventures. (See supporters) As if that wasn’t amazing enough, we were selected to take part in the BA Brand Amplifier challenge and our very own Ursula Joy will be rocking up at ITV Studios to give them a slice of what life is like when you live by the Dare..

Can’t wait to let you all know how it went!

Check out the cutest & cleverest picture our very own clinical psychologist Roxanna Mohtashemi posted on our timeline earlier today.. thanks for sharing Roxanna! xx

Absolutley genius, couldn't love this more!

Clever, cute & oh so true!

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